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Ventilatie si climatizare

Pentru a fi sanatoase si a creste in ritmul pe care fermierii si-l doresc, animalele trebuie sa se bucure de o temperatura ambientala potrivita si de o improspatare a aerului constanta. Agromax.ro va propune cateva solutii in acest sens. 

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Ventilator VES 92cm, model ECVCSV SMC 36 0,75 CP cu lame deflectoare ajustabile

With the blended housing shape, this fan’s intake side is specially designed to bring in the maximum air volume, while redistributing it at a high velocity.

The front deflectors are independently adjustable to allow for custom adjustment based on the installation type and velocity needs.

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Ventilator VES 140cm, model ECVCS SMC 55 1,5 CP cu lame deflectoare ajustabile

The VES patent pending ECVair SMC fan series running on high effective mode creates a linear high speed cooling wave of air across the floor.

This controlled and directed wave of air is ideal for cooling animals and people, drying floors, insect control and when used in a VES positive hybrid system delivers fresh air.